Find out more about the facilities at Astilleros Polymade.


Among the facilities that are located and distributed in the shipyard’s surface area, the following stand out:

Bleachers or dikes

These blocks are assembled on them and complete the steel hulls, to finish by launching or floating them. The size of the slipway or dock depends on the tonnage of the vessels to be built there. In this area, the blocks stored in the prefabrication area are joined together, which is where the largest cranes of the shipyard are placed.

Storage area

The plates and profiles that come out of the 4 or 5 processing belts must be classified and grouped by batches, which make up the sets of elements that will form each of the blocks, which in turn will make up the complete structure of the ship.

Weapons area

It is made up of the workshops and armament docks. The length of this area is important, for which, if the shipyard does not have enough waterfront, breakwaters are made perpendicular to the waterfront, which artificially increases the length of the coast and with it the length of the berths. In the modern shipyards with dry docks of construction, the sides are used the antedique, by means of dukes of alba, to make docks of Armament.

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